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Friday, April 11, 2008

First Great News!!

I spoke to the local Case worker this morning and she was great. Super nice and comfortable to talk to. The best news is that she will be able to begin our Home Study in May. Our first appointment is May 24th at our home. We will have a minimum of 4 visits with her in our home. She will be sending me some paper work this evening to get started on the paper trail, which will only make this process go a little bit faster. Chris is still trying to digest that this may happen sooner than expected but otherwise he is just as excited. The end of May is a great time as I'm still busy painting the house to get it ready for the new flooring next week. Once that is done, i'll start concentrating on the paper trail, as well as my new office. I should have enough time in the next month and a half to get most of the paper work ready, if not as least started, and I should be settled into my new office. I know it may seem like a small detail to get so excited about but it's the first official step to getting closer to our child. We are in the process of looking into the PRIDE training course that we have to take prior to the end of our Home Study, looks like we may have to go out of town to take it, but we may be lucky and get into the course here is Sudbury.
Well that's about it for today, back to painting. I did include below a picture of our currently family members, Jake, Maddux and Ziggy incase some of you have never seen them.