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Sunday, June 27, 2010


I would first like to start by saying THANK YOU everyone for your continued support. Chris and I feel very lucky to have so many people rooting for us no matter where our journey to a family leads us. We are still in the process of getting the right paperwork together for the new adoption and have yet to fully let go of Ethiopia but we are one step closer and your support has only encouraged us to keep our heads up and keep going.

I also wanted to update on life here in BC. To put in a few's more than I ever expected!!! I thought for sure it would take me some time to adjust to a new life and new province but other than the regular annoying things, like address change, licence change, insurance inspections and other provincial requirements we are loving it. We feel so relaxed here. We are getting more active with hikes and bike riding. We even started fishing. We have a cute little lake that you can fish off the dock and catch trout. We have yet to catch fish but we are enjoying the sun and relaxation that comes with fishing. All we need now is a boat and we can explore the rest of the area.

Wild life is something we see on a daily basis. Mostly deer, however we have seen moose, red-tail hawks, bald eagles, bears, and even wild horses... how cool is that. We try to go explore a new area at least once when Chris is off but we still have so much to explore just here in our backyard. We are a full 30min drive from Kamloops but the more we drive it the closer it seems. I've learnt to bring a cooler with me to do groceries as it's much hotter in Kamloops and it's a 30min drive so ice cream...become milkshakes by the time we get home. Learned that the hard

Chris is really enjoying his job and i'm in the process of finding work. I've had a few interviews so far and should be back to the "real" world soon enough. I would love to stay home forever but bills need to be paid and that won't get done if i'm sitting on my butt at home.

Jake, Maddux and Ziggy have helped to make this home. They love the walks around the lake and although Maddux has to take it extra easy with his fragile knee, yep the other one is going now :( , he has come home many a times sticky from pond and lake swimming that help to cool them off.

Being near my sister and her family has been great. Although we don't get to see each other often it's great to know they are close and I can see them whenever I want. The only thing that would make everything perfect would be to have the rest of the family move to BC, but since that is not an option we will enjoy showing them all our wonderful discoveries when they come visit.

That's about it for now but this week should bring a few more answers on the job and adoption front. I'll keep you posted as news comes in.

Thanks again to you all. OH... and here are few pics to keep you entertained.

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