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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Baby Girl

What a crazy week. My brother and his family arrived last Saturday and we have been busy with our little one with appointments all over. We had the pleasure of seeing our little one on May 24, through a 3D ultrasound, it was absolutely amazing. We also got to find out that we are expecting a little girl. So we have been busy shopping ever since, getting rid of the blue and buying pink. So much fun, she will be so cute in all her outfits. Our visit with the family has also been an exciting one, we have been so blessed in this last week, to have all my family around and to find out about of Little Miracle. I am still crying happy tears, not believing this is happening to us. We have had so much bad news in the last 8 yrs that this seems unrealisitc..then she kicks me and oh...she is real. :) I can't believe how much I can love someone in such little time. I'm so protective of her already. She has quickly become a large part of our lives and she is all we ever think about. I guess that is what parenthood is all about.

Here are some pictures of her 3D ultrasound.