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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WOW 4 Months

Where did this last month go, I can't believe i'm writing this 4 month post already, it feels like I wrote the 3 mth post just yesterday. I guess i've been keeping myself busy, here's hoping it can stay that way. I feel with the new job, the home renovations and the events to come in the next few months time should go by faster. So today I raise my glass (actually cup of coffee) to 4 months and on to 5.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I got the job!!!!!!!1

I received a late night phone call last night for the Regional Manager of Jostens ( to tell me that I got the position of Northern Ontario Sales Representative for their company if I would like it and I said "Yes" I would. So what does this mean for me and real estate.... not to sure at this point. I am not letting go of my license, but I do want to focus all my energy into this new position so I will be playing it by ear and see what happens. It felt so good to get the position, I can't wait to get started. This means a steady income every two weeks, which will give the opportunity to budget a little better before our little guy comes home. Although I will be travelling more with this position, I am doing for Kaysen and his future. Knowing that I will be making a certain amount of money each year means alot to me as right now I go day by day not knowing if a deal will close. Just yesterday, right before the call I found out one of my deals was not going to close meaning I lost over 6K in 2 minutes, so this position will not only give me a new challenge and keep me busy for years to come but will also provide us with peace of mind every month. Yahoooo, I can't wait to start next week.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a wonderful surprise.

Yesterday I received a wonderful surprise from my sister. The beautiful bouquet of Gerber Daisies pictured below, which happen to be my favorite flowers. Why you may ask? Just because, she said she knows how hard this journey is for me and that I struggle everyday to get through it. She figured this would brighten one of my days. And did it ever.

Ren, Thank you so much for your constant love and support. I know I sometimes think negative about this journey and it's only because I hurt so much on the inside. Thank you for always being there to listen and to bring positivity back to the journey. You always speak of Kaysen as if he were already a large member of the family and that means a great deal to me. I know you want him home as much as we do and to know he is going to come home to such a loving and caring aunt makes it even better. I love you very much and thank god for a sister that I can also call my Friend.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weird feeling

Today I went and purchased a few bins to store Kaysen's stuff while we get the office ready and his room ready. I know I should have felt happy that his stuff was being stored to make room to get his room ready (which I won't do until after the referral) but I was sad. Sad that I won't get to see his stuff there everyday, sad thinking "Will I ever get to actually use this stuff? and if so, when?" and mostly sad because he isn't coming home for a long time and I want him home. This year will be a busy year for us as my parents will be moving in (once there home sells) and we will be renovating the house to accomodate them and give everyone their own space, but I still don't think it will be busy enough to make time go by faster. The great thing is that we will be busy with all kinds of stuff to maybe not have time to sit around and drown in self pitty.

It will be so nice to have my parents around for Kaysen. They won't be here all year round as they plan to travel now that my dad is retired, which will be nice as i'm sure we will all need a break from each other once in a while but I feel this is a good move and it will be great to have them around once Kaysen get's here. Once the attachement/adjusting stage is someone passed, meaning he knows who his mommy and daddy is, he will love to get to know them more and have them around. The first few months home may be tougher for him as he needs to sort of stick with Chris and I only but then i'm sure i'll never see him .... which may not be a good thing for me. My parents will be so happy to see him everyday, and to make them and him happy will be a great feeling. I think having not had children for so long, Chris and I will appreciate the extra help, and the occasional breaks. Even adoptive parents who go through what we are all going through will someday need a break, it's normal, it's life. I can already picture him running down to greet his "Memere and Pepere" in the morning, and the joy my parents will get from it fills my heart. I guess i'm just very family oriented and love to make my family smile. Wish us luck.... !!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I missed my Eleventh Month day yesterday, so here is my Eleventh Month post.

It has now been Eleven months since our journey began, how crazy is that, just one month short of a year. So far things have been going well. I'm taking things on a day to day basis and just trying to stay busy as to not worry to much about everything else, and so far it's helping. It has been a great 11 months, filled with ups and downs, however, i'm not sure if I would like to do it again. (I say that know, but I know I WILL do it again for #2). Anyways, not much else to say, except thank you all for sharing and supporting us for another month.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

World Baseball Classic 2009

Chris and I just got back from our trip to Toronto. We went there to watch the World Baseball Classic CAN VS USA game on Saturday and had a great time. CAN ended up losing but it was a close game right to the last swing. We always have such a great time at these events and can't wait to have Kaysen with us to enjoy it as well. We also stopped by the IKEA store and I bought a few things for Kaysen, among small item we purchased a toy organizer with multi size bins, and a great art easle, on one side it's a chalk board, on the other a white board, we realize he won't be using for a year or so, after his arrival, but for $20 you can't go wrong.

Here are a few pics of the game.

I know, I know "We are too cute" lol

Derek Jeter giving the eyes from

World Baseball Classic
Rogers Centre, Toronto ON
March 7th 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Just wanted to post a Congratulations to a friend who has become a forever mommy this week. I am so happy for you T, your baby is a blessing and you deserve to be blessed. You will be an amazing mother and I can't wait to watch you all grow together.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Update on Valentine's Day

In my Valentine's Day post I mentioned I would show you all the gift Chris got, well here it finally is. Isn't it the cutest little thing, and the word "HOPE"...enough said. thank you my love for the wonderful gift and for bringing Kaysen into our home every chance you get. xoxoxo

Secret Pal Gift

I received my gift from my secret pal today and all I can is WOW, it brought tears to my eyes. It's a picture box for my son's room with "Kaysen" engraved on the cover. How amazing is my secret pal, she is so thoughtful. Not only to think of my future child but to take the time to get his name engraved was over the top.
Thank you so very much, it's very appreciated.

I know you can't really see it, but that is "KAYSEN" engraved.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

One for the ladies

I was reading Claire's (BCmommy) blog and saw this video. This video describes how women bond, how women share and how women over come, just by being there for each other. I know that without all the women in my life, at home, a far, or online, this journey would be alot harder.