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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Gift

This is a song my sister told me about, it's a poor recording but I couldn't find any other one to post. I did download it on my itunes and it sounds great.


I was tagged by a fellow adoption blogger, so here's how it works,

Open the book closest to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book closest to you at the moment, to page 56.Write out the fifth sentence, as well as two to five sentences following there. Tag 3 others once complete

The book closest to me right now is, "A long way gone, memoirs of a boy soldier by Ishmael Beah" I have yet to begin reading it.

Page 56, fifth line is

"His face was too wrinkled to still be alive, yet his dark skin was shiny and he spoke slowly, gobbling the words in his jaws before he let them out. As he spoke, the veins on his forehead became visible throught his skin.
"Everyone ran when they heard of the "seven boys' on their way here. I couldn't run at all. So they left me behind. No one was willing to cary me and I didn't want to be a burden"

Wow, just these few lines make me want to start reading it now. I may just do that this afternoon,

I tag the following to do the same.

1 Tammy
2. Rhonda
3. Rana

Have fun.

My flooring project

This week I took on a renovating project in my kitchen, when we moved into this house we had white cupboards, white flooring and light yellow walls. Well the first thing to go was the yellow walls, I painted them a night burnt rusty color, then this spring I painted my cupboards, asa full kitchen renovation is out of the budget range and now this week I redid the flooring, below are some pics. Next is the counter top and that i'll be done in the kitchen for now. For the flooring I used this new product called "Resilient Vinyl Tile" they are almost as think as ceramics but they are made of vinyl, they are peel and stick but not like the cheap peel and stick and you can cut them using a utility knife. You may choose to grout them as well, which is what I did or not. Really easy to work with, the end result looks like a ceramic tile but it's not cold or hard like ceramic.
I forgot to take a before pic, but in this one you can see the old vinyl flooring.

My dog Ziggy, trying to help I guess, he wanted some attention and this is how he got it. I couldn't believe it. lol

My dear husband kept the dogs away as I would have never got work done like this. Not that my joints didn't hurt enough without the added 20lbs.

The finished product, after grouting,

In this one, you can see the new color of the cupboards as well, but I still have the white counter top, it is next to go.... just have to save up for it.