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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What a feeling....

it is to be someone's mother. To have someone rely on you to nurish, guide and protect. Someone so innocent looking at you to love and hold. I was warned before the baby arrived that I would be a complete zombie for the first 6 weeks, that I wouldn't know what I was doing from one day to the next, that my life would be like a robot of feeding and changing diapers, but it hasn't been like that at all. Since Isabella has arrived I have been living on an hour or two of sleep here and there but my body has adjusted nicely. I have great days of feeling awake, and alert, and when I do feel tired, I wait for her to nap and I go nap. I then wake up a new women. It's amazing how fast your body can adjust to such a large change. I thank god, I have Chris around to take care of the cooking and shopping for me. He has been amazing. Unfortunately, he is going back to work tonight for a few days, but I feel confident that we will be ok. I would love to have him home with us for the next year, but I understand it can't be done and will be strong about it, to make it easier for him.
Don't get me wrong, Isabella does have her moments where we are working to please her for an hour or so, but none of it isn't worth it. Those little silly looks she makes when she wakes up, or when she calms down always make us laugh. She has brought so much joy into our lives already and it's only been 9 days. I can't imagine what it will be like in the coming months. So to finish off, our update is that we are adjusting well and she is amazing. Here's a little sneak peak of our princess.