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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Retainer Agreement fears

I received the email from the "New Imagine Adoption" yesterday that included the new retainer fee to work with the new agency and with it came many fears. It's like all the hope i've had for the last few months is dangling on a string. I am trying hard to stay positive but I can't help but wonder what if? What would I do? Starting over is something I can't even imagine right now.
I hope and pray that all or most of the voters will pay the money and send in the agreement by the end of the month. They will let us know after November 30th if we have enough money to keep going. I so hope they give us the opportunity to come up with the missing money if there isn't enough.
Sorry that this is a negative post when i'm trying so hard to be positive but my protective side is taking over and is trying to get prepared.

I ask all out there that voted "YES" to please send in your agreement as soon as possible to allow us to get to the next step.