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Monday, January 25, 2010


I read this post on A's blog and wanted to share with you all as she said exactly what I was thinking.

Proof that Imagine is truly back.
That it is better than ever.
That it is stronger and more progressive.
That it is transparent and more supportive.

Proof that all us parents are more strongly united.
That we support each other more than ever.
That we know each other more than ever.
That we are more encouraging and excited than ever.

December 16 the first several referrals were realized.Sometime last night while we were all sleeping, a birth mother in Addis Ababa relinquished her parental rights and a judge ruled in favour of this little girl's new parents in Canada.

Our first Imagine family passed court.
They passed on the first try.
They are parents to one beautiful little girl.

Proof that Imagine has risen.
Proof that family is being created.
Proof that we can do this

14 Months

We hit 14 mths today. 14 months wow, I never thought I would be a 14 months and wondering how much longer I will have to wait. However, I also never thought I would be at 14 months and feeling good about things. We are at a great place on the list, we are at a great place emotionally and I think we will be okay to wait some more. I'm just grateful that the wait is still on and we are one month closer. That's all that really matters.
On to 15....

Thoughts are with Ethiopia

My thoughts are with the Ethiopian people today as there was a horrible plane crash yesterday with over 80 people on board. Here is the article

Please take a moment of thought for the families effected by this sad situation.