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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I got the job!!!!!!!1

I received a late night phone call last night for the Regional Manager of Jostens ( to tell me that I got the position of Northern Ontario Sales Representative for their company if I would like it and I said "Yes" I would. So what does this mean for me and real estate.... not to sure at this point. I am not letting go of my license, but I do want to focus all my energy into this new position so I will be playing it by ear and see what happens. It felt so good to get the position, I can't wait to get started. This means a steady income every two weeks, which will give the opportunity to budget a little better before our little guy comes home. Although I will be travelling more with this position, I am doing for Kaysen and his future. Knowing that I will be making a certain amount of money each year means alot to me as right now I go day by day not knowing if a deal will close. Just yesterday, right before the call I found out one of my deals was not going to close meaning I lost over 6K in 2 minutes, so this position will not only give me a new challenge and keep me busy for years to come but will also provide us with peace of mind every month. Yahoooo, I can't wait to start next week.