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Monday, January 26, 2009

Early Valentine's Day gift

Last month I had mentioned to my husband how cute it was that a fellow blogger (Rhonda) had received this beautiful statue gift with the parents and baby and that someone had darkened the baby. Well today I get home and I'm just doing my stuff while chatting on the phone and what do I find directly below my "Birth Mother" painting, this beautiful statue with a darkened baby. He said it was an early Valentines Day gift. Well after a few "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD" and a few tears, I thought I would share it with you all. I am so grateful for having such a thoughtful husband. I just hope he realizes how much he means to me and how much this statue means to me. I love you more than words can describe.

Secret Pal Gift

I just love my monthly secret pal gift, what a great thing to go to the mail and among all the regular bills there is a gift for me, it makes me smile everytime and gives me something to look forward to everyone. This month I was greated by these two wonderful stuffed cuties. I mean, they would make anyone smile right?
Thank you Secret Pal for making me smile once again.

My son's wardrobe.

My mom and I were talking this weekend about the amount of clothes I have for Kaysen already. Upon my arrival last night I did a quick count and it looks like he has enough clothes to not wear the same thing twice in a month and if I begin to mix and match he could go with a few months worth of outfits without wearing the same one twice. He also has enough sleepers to not wear the same one twice for a month. Needless to say I won't have to do much laundry to keep his clothes replenished.....and I still have a year to Will this slow me down? Not really. I will slow down this summer as I dont want to buy him summer clothes, as I don't know what size he will be during the summer. At least with fall/winter clothes he can wear it all year round. I'll have to put everything together and take a picture so you can all see how crazy it's getting. Go to love retail therapy.

Cambridge Get Together

This weekend, Chris, my mom, my dad and I took a road trip to Cambridge for the Ethiopian get together. We all felt over joyed seeing all the kids home with their families. They all looked so cute and happy. Running around playing, laughing and just being kids. It was so great to be able to associate reality to this journey. I felt I was a little shy to approach others as I didn't have a child with me but I'm sure the more of them I attend the more people I will meet. I just didn't want to bother others with my comments and questions. I did however get to meet some families from the blog world and others from the area and felt "Wow, we really aren't alone in this crazy situation" there were alot more people there than I would have expected. I guess I didn't think there were so many of us in Ontario.

I would like to thank Jacklyn for organizing such a great even for us and I look forward to the next. Hopefully it's sooner than later.

(I don't have any pictures, as I didn't think it was place to take pictures of others children)

After the get together we drove to Toronto and stayed there over night. My parents had never been up the CN Tower so we took a "COLD" walk over and went up. We even ventured outside up there and froze our areas but we had a great time. Everytime i'm back in the city it makes me want to move back. I would love to move into the city but having 3 dogs and a child on the way it's not a possibility. Something I should have done in my early 20s. Oh well, visiting is just as good. We also discussed a possible New York/Philly road trip this summer, so i'm excited.

2 Months

Well, 2 months and one day and one day to be exact. It feels so good to be past the one month mark, on to the 3rd.