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Saturday, October 2, 2010

We are waiting again.....Yay!!!!!

If you notice at the top of our blog you will notice that we have a new counter up there. A counter that will count the days to Quinten. YES....We are officially waiting again. Our dossier left this week and we are on the list awaiting baby Quinten. We are so excited. The next call we get should be THE call, the call that a birthmother has chosen us to take care of her child. To nuture, teach, love and support for the rest of his life. I can't even imagine how hard that decision will be for the birth family and I will always remember the gift that they have provided us. I can't wait for the day the call comes and I can end our adoption journey and begin our parenting journey.

You will also notice at the top of this blog that the counter for Ethiopia has stopped. I FINALLY sent the email to imagine this week and let Kaysen go, offically. It was much easier than I thought as my excitement for Quinten has taken over. Although our journey to E was and will always be a very large part of our lives our journey to Quinten is the new journey and we are more ready than ever to embark on it. After much sole searching I finally figured out that I was blending one adoption with the other. I kept saying "i've been adopting for years" but since i've changed that to "we tried adopting from E for years but have now began a new journey to Florida" and started looking at things completely seperate my feelings aren't so messed up. Our journey to parenthood has been years but our journey to Q has only been a few months.

I am sooooo excited and can't wait to jump every time the phone rings..!!!!!!!1