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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chris Shopping

Chris has been keeping busy shopping for Kaysen lately. He says his part of the wardrobe is to buy sports stuff but he did manage one item to support africa. Here are some pictures. As also realized that I have yet to show you all some of my shopping items. I couldn't show you everything as it would take days but you can get the idea.


I just wanted to say congratulations to the two families who received referrals yesterday. These two families have been waiting over a year for the referral of their child, which I think is a ridiculous waiting time. But they now have their referral and have renewed hope. Congratulations to the both of you.

Jake's injury

Hi All, i've been asked about the cone on Jakes head and because it was wordless wednesday I had to wait to explain. According to the vet it's a hot spot that wouldn't heal. A hot spot is a sore that dogs get if an area doesn't dry properly and then it gets aggrivated and the more the scratch the worse it gets. He has the wear the cone to allow it to heal, but he will be fine.
Thanks for your concerns,