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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Niece Danika

I had to share with you all this beautiful picture of my niece Danika, riding this horse bare back. Watching her with horses is the most amazing thing to watch. She is a true natural, and lives for horses. I wish with all my heart that someday she will have her dream of owning a horse come true. Matante Nat loves you and is very proud of you.


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was amazing as usual. The only bad part was that Chris had to work everyday of the holidays, but we did manage to have a 2nd family night once my brother and sister in law came home. It was great having the whole family together again this year. We started a new tradition this year, my parents bought all the sets needed to make a "fancy" dinner table, that will now be used for years to come (see pic below) and we also started a Christmas Journal, where every year, every member of the family must include something they are thankful for and something they wish for the year to come. I think it's a great idea and will allow us all to reflect upon it for Christmas to come. Of course, i kept thinking of next year and how things will be so different for all of us as a family. My brother will have his first little one, my sister's oldest will be moved away to Edmonton and my son will be close to coming home. I held it together pretty good, or at least I think I did, only teared up once. Not to bad, don't you agree?

One of the few pictures we got of Chris on Christmas day, he was just leaving for work.

My brother, Denis, and sister in law, Laura she is 4 mths pregnant.

Our fancy christmas table setting, it made everything so much better and special. (Notice the butter shaped like Christmas trees)

Christmas Eve at mom's, my brother wasn't home yet.