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Friday, March 5, 2010

Can't take much more....

We received an update today from Imagine. Looks like the referrals will be slowing down in the next few months as MOWA has decided to no longer issue adoption letters for certain regions of Ethiopia to try and discourage parents relinquishing their rights.
Well wouldn't you know it, we are working with 4 orphanages and 3 of the 4 are in the regions they have decided not to approve....:(

I just don't understand how much more we are suppose to take. I know I will have people saying..." it's only temporary" "stay positive" and so on... but save it, today I'm disappointed discouraged, wanting to give up. Chris and I have been through so much in wanting to start a family. Why is it so hard? We got through the bankruptcy, and I was very reserved in getting excited again. Then the referrals started, and of course my hopes were up again....and now this. I feel it would be so much easier to say "I'm done, let's move on" but my heart would never let it happen.

WHY CAN'T THINGS JUST HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!