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Friday, October 29, 2010


Although I posted a few posts back that we were officially waiting again....I was wrong. We were waiting as our dossier had left Canada on it's way to our US agency. But today we go the OFFICIAL word that we are now on the list and that our dossier can be shown any day. It mentioned in our email that "although it could take from 9-18mths please be aware it could happen much faster and that we should be ready to get the call any day" exciting and scary all at the same time.

So my counter has been updated to reflect the new date and here we go...our new roller coaster ride has begun and we are climbing the hill....hopefully this roller coaster only goes up...!!!

I've had a really rough, stressful month worrying about a bunch of thing a but after a few weeks to a month funk, i have kicked myself in the butt again and took one step forward and we are now back on track.

Please join and ride the ride with us again, I promise this ride will end differently then the last.