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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Before and sort of After -- Kitchen

Since i've moved in i've hated all the white and my kitchen was the next project in line. Although I would have loved to go to a kitchen cabinet store and picked out a brand new set of cupboards it wasn't in our budget at I figure, why not try painting them. So after much hole filling, sanding, priming and painting I am so excited with the results. Now we will be painting the white walls to add a little more color and we should be done for awhile....yeah, like I won't find another project to take my mind off the adoption in no So here is the before and after shot. What do you think?

I do realize there is one door missing in this picture but once i'm done with the wall painting i'll add the finished pictures. For now, I couldn't wait to share. All I need now are beautiful new stainless steel appliance (not going to happen) !!

Congratualations on your baby girl.

Sending a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my friends Tammy and Sid and little Josina who is soon to be a Big Sister. You are both such wonderful people and both deserve the very best from this point on. You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday for a safe and fast process. Sending you love.