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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Touching Letter from my niece Jessyka.

The one thing with this adoption is that if effects alot more people than just Chris and I. All our family and friends are effected and until today I didn't quite understand just how much. My niece Jessyka wrote this letter to her friends to help sell our cookbooks. This is such a touching letter and means so much to Chris and I. It really made us realize how much our families have gone through in the background, while being strong and supportive for all of us. I thank you so much for this Jessy, the love and support of our family and friends is what keeps us going everyday. Someday, Q will be home and will be loved by so many. He will be one lucky little boy to have such love and support, that began even before he arrived.

Please take a minute to read this.

For over 5 years my aunt Natalie and uncle chris have tried to conceive, without any success, their dream of having a baby was turning into a nightmare. Unfortunately, at this moment the idea of conceiving seems almost impossible, therefore they have decided to adopt! How exciting! So we thought. It's been a long, hard and very emotional journey that began several years ago. They started this process and decided to adopt a beautiful baby boy from Ethiopia, they named him Kaysen. After going through months of the referrals and house visits, they were finally one step closer to their baby boy. So we waited. Bought him endless supplies, baby clothes, toys, talking Elmos, kids books with his name personalized in them, Christmas ornaments for our trees, set up his bedroom, dreamt about him, talked about him for hours on end, without even knowing him yet. It was all so surreal, my aunt was going to finally have her baby! He had become part of our everyday life, always keeping faith, holding on to hope that next month, okay by the summer he'll be here, don't worry Matante he'll be here by Christmas... Slowly but surely it all became very real, Kaysen wasn't going to be here as fast as we'd hoped so we went about our lives, still bringing him up, but only on occasion, for the hurt of not being a mom, a dad, an aunt, uncle, big cousin or grandparent again, was always there, it was tough but we all did our best to keep the spirits high for my aunt Nat especially.

The weeks turned to months and the months turned into years, every night she
walked by his empty nursery which ultimately turned into a lot of heartache and questions as to why he can't just be here and why she can't have a baby of her own. It was heartbreaking to see my aunt, one of happiest people I know dwindle as time went on. If the wait wasn't hard enough, just imagine the pain she felt in July 2008 when she found out the adoption agency she had given all her money, her hopes and most of all her vulnerability to, had fled, they went 'bankrupt', not only did my aunt and uncle go through this but hundreds of other people had trusted them as well... That was it for her, she had put so much emotion into this little baby, that she was ready to give up. I still remember that day, where I was and how I reacted, in uncontrollable sobs, and asking why? I can't imagine how it felt for her and my uncle, I could litterally feel my heart hurt. Although I had never met him, held him in my arms or changed his diaper. I loved him. He was my little cousin, he had been a part of our lives for 3 years, I felt as though my baby cousin had passed away, I would never get to see his first steps, here him laugh, see him on his first day of school, take him for ice cream or smother him in the long awaited 3 years of kisses I'd been holding out for. That was it... We mourned Kaysen, talked about him until the sun came up, cried, and helped her and Chris as best we could to hold on to hope that someday they will be parents... They never did give up.

About a year ago they decided to go with a new agency, one in Florida. Adopting is very expensive but they were willing and trusting enough to invest in this second agency because they know that they were meant to be parents. The adoption process is looking very promising and they are on their last step to getting their precious baby boy, Quinten, home! On that note, we need your help, she is selling cookbooks of all our family recipies (over 100 recipies) for 15$ a book in hopes to raise enough money so she can finally have her baby in her arms and begin the life she's longing for. She wants nothing more in this world than to be a mom. My aunt will be one hell of a mom at that, she was at all our school concerts, sporting events (even though she hates hockey) knows all our friends by their first name, always there to lend a hand, a shoulder to cry on, a ride to the movies, horseback riding, to hold our hair while we're getting sick, a lunch date, a supervisor on class trips and she
is always coming up with fun family ideas, most of all she's a great friend. I know, even though Chris has stayed pretty strong through this whole process he is counting the days until he can bring his little guy home, the years until he can teach him to play catch, walk the dogs, watch his first football game and teach him to drive. I know that they will make amazing parents, please help their dreams become reality.

If you'd like a cookbook, please message me on here and I will send you more information on how we will send them and receive payment.
They are $15 each and they will be available for pick up in Chemmy this summer.
Thank you very much!

Jessyka, you are an amazing young women and we are proud to be your aunt and uncle. If only we could describe what this meant to us. We love you xoxo