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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chris' Fauxhawk

I forgot to add the pictures of Chris' new do, he came home with a "Faux Hawk" a few weeks ago and taught you would all get a kick out of it. Enjoy...

Toys and toy room

So sorry I haven't updated in a while, it's been spring cleaning time here and well let's just say it will never end. It may just be me, but i feel that by the time I get one floor done I have start all over, hence never being able to see the end in oh, the joys of being an adult.

We finally have our flooring in for the living room and dinning room and after one year of living in this house we have installed baseboards in our 2nd living room. what a difference a little base board makes to a room. The flooring looks great, now we just have to get the kitchen flooring done and all renovations will be done for now. I can't wait. We were planning on a new counter top but for now we will make do with what we have. I have been on such a mission to get this house ready for the home study that i can't seem to think of anything else including work. But if i don't work we can't live and if we can't live we can't have our baby so it's a must I guess.

Ok, enough about the house, the best news is that I have officially created my first designated baby room, it will be one of his playrooms. I have attached pictures to give you a sense of what it will be like. It's a room located next to our recroom where we tend to hang out most of the time. I have decorated the room with all sorts of Sports Memrobillia that Chris had. Please note they are all located about 4 feet off the ground as I wouldn't want the baby to be able to reach them.

SO IF YOU HAVEN'T GUESSED YET!!! we have decided to request a BOY, we have decided to request him between the age of newborn to 6 mths which means we should hopefully pick him up when he is 8-10 mths. We are so excited about a boy. We kept going back and forth between a girl and a boy but for some reason it brought us to a boy, don't get me wrong we would love a boy or girl but since we could choose we went with our gut at this time We have also decided to name him Topher, he will be named after Chris, I didn't want to name my child Junior and I love the sound of the name therefore when you remove the Chris from Christopher you are left with our future son' name.

I also purchased my very first item for Topher yesterday. I was at my nieces Danika and Samantha's school play and they had a small french book sale. I purchased him two french books and when I got to my sister's she also had a gift for him. A small tug boat for the bath tub.

It's crazy that such small items can make a difference in the house. I have never had baby items in my house that were for my baby and here they are. Knowing me and my family, by the time Topher actually gets home he will have a few rooms full of toys and gifts. Since we don't know how old or big he will be when we pick him up we can't purchase clothes right now but nothing is stopping us from buying everything else....I may end up buying some clothes, i'll just make sure it's for when he is 2 or something....

In regards to the process it's self, We have filled out the necessary paper work for the home study and I am in the process of handing out the reference letters now. Chris had his physical today and all went well, we both went for our blood testing yesterday (results to follow) and we have all our passport paper work ready to go, just need our pictures. Only a few things done out of many but every little bit is one step closer.

Well that's my update for today and I hope I haven't babbled on and on about nothing.