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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Help Support Breast Cancer

It's a simple and easy wait to help the fight against Breast Cancer. All you have to do is go to and use this site as your search engine for 30 days, you can use it forever but 30 days is all they ask. Everytime you do a search you will raise a penny towards Breast Cancer, it may not seem like much but if you think of all the searchs you can do in a day imagine the amount that can be raised by all of us. It's simply and free, however, remember to log in to your account before doing the searches as it won't count.

One more down, Hopefully only a few to go

Another week of waiting for the approval has come and gone. I know to some this waiting is nothing compared to the wait they have waited to see their childs face but I feel this wait is horrible, I feel like this wait is putting my adoption on hold. I'm not saying the wait in Ethiopia will be easier, but at least the end result will be a baby, it won't be a simple letter saying that the gov. of Ont. feels we are good enough people to be parents. I just want the red tape part to be over so that I can as well be officially expecting. How will I deal with the long wait for a referral, if I can't deal with the short wait, you may ask? Well i'm not sure but hopefully somewhat better than I'm dealing with this wait. The days and weeks are so sloooooowwwww. I just want Kaysen home. I know some have been waiting much longer, I just feel like i've been waiting 4 years to have a family and now I have to wait at least 1-2 more, it's just hard. I'm also turning 32 in 2 weeks and feel like i'm getting old and still don't have my family.....why? why? why? I know to most 32 is not old, but to me it's old to not have my family started. Sorry just a quick vent this morning to allow me to go on and wait the next few weeks.