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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More bad news....

Wow, this title is becoming a regular title in my blog. Of course, seeing as I've been in a great place lately and accepting things as they come and keeping myself busy there has to be something to bring it down. I contacted the agency yesterday because I had read that the wait was not extended and I wanted to hear it from them to make sure. I received an email response this morning explaining that they are currently working on May 08 dossiers, which makes my 8-10 month waiting now 11+ of waiting. It's just so hard to maintain high spirits when you keep getting extended, in 4 months it's been extended by 4 months, makes me wonder what the time line will be once I actually get close to October/November of this year. I have been fighting an internal battle with myself all day to stay strong and keep smiling but it's hard. So instead I had a good cry and ruined the whole day, at least now I can move on and keep smiling...:) Tomorrow is a new day with a beautiful sunshine.