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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jess and Evan and Owen

I'm back home now and so much is going on. I got back last night and stopped over at my brothers house hoping my nephew Owen would be born. My poor sister in law Laura is just sitting around waiting for him to come out and being her first child, she is literally sitting around waiting for something to happen but she isn't sure what she is waiting for. I sure hope she doesn't have to wait much longer. It breaks my heart that I won't be able to go see him right away if he is born this week as i'm working a long week this week and would only be able to go on next Sunday. The one good thing with that is that everyone else will have had their turn and Owen would be all mine...!!!
As i'm about to welcome a new nephew i'm also saying goodbye to my eldest niece Jessyka, she and her boyfriend Evan, who i've talked about in previous post, are leaving in the AM and moving to Edmonton which is where Evan is based with the military, they bought a condo and will be taking possession this week. It is so hard to see her go and i'm worried and hoping she will be okay but knowing she will be with such an amazing human being is making me feel better. I have never met anyone like Evan and feel lucky that he is the one that she will be starting her life with. I wish them all the luck in the world in starting their life together and look forward to visiting soon. It's so hard to see her go, i've been a part of her life since birth and love her dearly. We are a very close family and although I feel she is too young I think it's a selfish thought on my part as I just wish they wouldn't ever grow up. I still picture her first day of school, or our first weekend together when she was just a week or so old. Time flies and i'm proud of her accomplishments, I just wish I hadn't taken her time here for granted. Note to self with Kaysen, don't take him for granted as time goes by too fast and next thing you know it will be his turn.

I love you Jess and hope you know we will always be here for you and Evan if ever you need ANYTHING and please please please be careful....xoxoxoox