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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Family Visit

I am slightly behind on my blog posts this month. So instead of writing a book I'll post alot of pics with small explanations....enjoy.

Mid Sept my mom and dad left Sudbury ON and took the long trip to come see my sister and I in BC. They have been here for over a month and it has been great. I definitely don't want to see them go. While they were here we did a few family trips in the area.
Our first one was an nice drive to Clearwater to see the waterfalls. I would never have imagined such beauty within a few hours drive. Take a look at what we saw.

Mom, Renee and I with my giant leaf

all of us

Ren showing us her new firm booty


Dad and his girls

Mom and her girls

The next weekend we went for a local scenic drive and to Kelowna (sorry Alysia we were only there for a quick ride, I promise to let you know next time I'm there)

What a beautiful town Kelowna is, since i've moved here all I hear is "I don't like Kelowna" "Kelowna sucks" but wow, I would move to Kelowna it's SO beautiful, the scenery is definitely worth it. Yes there is more traffic then Kamloops but compared to Sudbury the traffic is nothing.

Then was thanksgiving weekend. On Saturday we decided to go to the Salmon Run in Chase. It was pretty neat to see. We had never seen it before and although there were many fish that had died it was quite interesting to see how many fish were there and how the whole cycle works.

there was always a male and female fish together and they were so bright red

Chris, Me, Renee and Pat

I know, we are super cute...thanks..

On Sunday we had Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's. It was great having my parents there with us, I only wish my brother and his family could have joined us. This year we were thankful for family and friends. For having the opportunity to have started a new journey to becoming parents and for our health. Here are few pics of us celebrating together.

Danika, Samantha and Jessyka....beautiful girls

Ren and Pat

Memere and Jess

Enjoying good food and good company

We are coming near the end our my parents' visit and we are sad to see them go. However we have had a wonderful time with them and can't wait to see them again.
Have a safe trip to Arizona Mom and Dad, we hope to be able to go see you in your winter home this year. Thanks for the visit we love you.

OH...and I can't close this post without showing you all the new additions to the family. Miss Oreo and Muffin.

Miss Oreo