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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Retainer fee finally sent out

I wanted to wait to make sure the home study went well before I sent out my retainer fee to the adoption agency, so yesterday we sent it out to Imagine adoption, as well as we booked our spots for the PRIDE training in August. I was speaking to Joann from Imagine Adoption yesterday and she said we would probably be waiting longer since we are being more specific in terms of age and sexe (0-9mth boy at time of placement), which made me think, oh oh, but she said I would be probably waiting approx. 6mths from the time our dossier hits Ethiopia, which would mean a referral by June of next year, therefor hopefully home by Christmas 09, here's hoping anyways.

I have also asked two of our dear friends to write our reference letters, and I know have to get to writing mine. I'm not sure where to begin with it, but i'm suppose to receive a package with some guidelines. I think that is about all we will need to get from our end. The agency will be providing the rest....I think.

I saw this picture and it may me smile, I thought I should share.