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Monday, December 1, 2008

Time lines

Just wanted to comment that we are officially half way to our referral since the beginning of this journey. If you notice the time lines above we are 7 mths, 3week, 1 day into the journey and 7 mths, 3weeks, 3 days until our hopeful referral.


Ok, so weird, i'm sitting here trying to find a great Christmas song to attach to the blog for the month of Dec. and I figured I like the beat of this one and it's a great song, i've known it for years. Well, as i'm listening to the whole song I actually realize what it says about Africa and if they even know it's Christmas time at all.... anyways, I hope you enjoy it, i always thought it was a great song, but now I think it's an even better one.

(song: It's Christmas Time)

Let it snow, Let it snow, let it snow!!

I woke up this morning to a great snow day. To bad I don't actually get snow days as I usually work from home anyways. But today was a day that I said "thank god I don't have to go to work today". We got about 20 cm and since the shoveling needed to be done and Chris is at work all day, I got dressed nice and warm and Maddux and I went shoveling. (if you are wondering why only Maddux, it's because he is the only one that stays in the yard, well until he decided to chase after the neighbourhood kids )

This is the only view you get of me. Wow, there was alot of snow.
Maddux doing his part, he was helping by digging for his ball and bringing the snow right back into the driveway for me to shovel. I guess he didn't want me to finish.
I can't find it....

Oh, there it is...

Although we had alot of snow, and I hate shovelling it, I mean, who needs a double driveway anyways right?. I love the way snow makes things look. This is the tree outside my front door and below is my little artificial light up tree that is in my walkway.

Now that i'm cooled off, I'm off to try out my "Starbucks Cranberry Bliss" homemade dessert.

Christmas has hit the Fournier house

This weekend was a great weekend. I got up on Saturday morning, started with a large cup of coffee, then put the Christmas music on the Sirius stereo and began my transformation. 8 hrs later and my house is complete.

On Sunday Am, I went to a course with my sister to make this centre piece, it turned out pretty good actually.

I hope to be able to add another stocking soon.

my little village.

Our tree, didn't realize the tv was on in the back ground but it still looks nice.
I bought these last year, they are just gorgeous,they go in my entry way.
My countdown santa

Have a happy December everyone.