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Sunday, August 22, 2010

change table project

Over 2 yrs ago, I purchase a change table for $15, seeing as we were going to have an older baby, I figured why get a new one when I won't be using for very long. But now that we will be having a newborn baby I figured I may as well give it a good makeover as it will be used for awhile. Here are the before and after pics. You will also see the before of the nursery and that's it for awhile. Not sure if I mentioned it but the nursery is a surprise for Chris as well so I won't be posting update pics until it's done. Please don't try to let the suspense kill


In rough shape, not the nices color and god awful paper on the shelving

Little strawberry shortcake sticker and you can see the condition a little better

This beautiful paper was covering all 3 shelves.

After a lot of sanding, painting and some TLC.....

The pefect little place to change my little man's bum. Thanks Memere for the new change pad.

A little baseball decal to replace strawberry shortcake

and the paper has been replaced with a blue and green paper to go with the colors of the room. There will be cute little baskets on these shelves when i'm done.

And here the old office, no color no pazzazz, just wait till i'm done.

Won't that nuke be the perfect place for all his little books.

This is the sign I added to the door, everyone else is allowed in...unless your name happens to be Chris F :)

Back to work I be continued