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Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Ethiopian Dinner

Tonight I went over to a friends house for my first Ethiopian dinner and it was great. It reminded me alot of Indian cuisin with the spices and all but it's something I look forward to eating again. I unfortunately had to leave early due to work but will enjoy my dessert tomorrow as I took it to go. I meant to take pictures but forgot my camera.

Thanks Michelle and Bruce for a great dinner and thanks Sara and Alex for the added company. It was a great night and we will do it again soon,

10 months

10 months since we began our journey. Looking back I feel like it went by fast but on a day to day basis the sign above explains the feeling. Thanks everyone for your constent support it's truly appreciated.

Why do we forget and move on?

Why do we always forget what is going on in the world. We wake up every morning and complain about something going on in our lives. We then watch something like the video below and it makes us grateful and then a day or so later we go on with our days and put it aside as if it's not really happening. I'm not saying i'm not guilty of doing it myself, I just wish we wouldn't.

Warning***this is a hard video to watch, however I think it's necessary to make awareness happen***