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Friday, July 23, 2010

Jessa and Doug

I got to meet Jessa and Doug today. They came all the way to Logan Lake to visit, how great was that. (picture to follow) it was so nice to sit and talk with them. The instant adoption connection is amazing. I love it. So this post is for them.

Thank you for coming out, it was so great to meet you both and I can't wait to go see you guys Vancouver soon. You are as nice and great as I thought you would be. I just apologize for the mess my house was in :)

Meeting people from the same journey is just something that feels great. Although we have all been to hell and back in the last few years, the one thing we all got from this are great friendships. Often we don't get to meet the people we talk to on a weekly basis but sometimes we are lucky enough to sit and have a good chat. It just feels great. The friendships made through adoption are some of the best and dearest friendships I have. Something I will always be greatful for.

Thanks again for coming out guys, it was great.