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Sunday, December 19, 2010

My encounter with....

A moose...

Led to little damage to my new truck :(

I know....I was so lucky. I turned on my high beams and there he was, I was almost stopped when I hit his back legs and his large butt ended up sitting on my hood for a little ride. The only damage to the truck is a large butt print on the hood. No scratchs or any other damage anywhere. I was completely freaked out, and I don't know if the moose is okay as I didn't go back to see but I'm happy to be alive and well enough to post it on my blog. Something I hope to never experience again!! Made me realize just how fast it could be over.

We Won!!!!!!

When we first moved to our small town we saw that they have Christmas lighting contest for best lit house/street/cul de sac...ect. and I said to Chris when we moved here that I wanted us to win....Well we did. We won Best Lit Street 2010. And yes...there is more than one street in our little I only wish I could say "I want to win the lottory" and actually have it happen as such luck so far.