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Monday, July 7, 2008

2 down 2 to go

We had a our second home study this morning. It went very well. We mostly discussed our familys and our childhood. We have rescheduled our next visit to be done right after the PRIDE training, which will be Aug18-22nd, so our third home study will be Aug 23rd, and she said she will have most of it done by our last one on Sept 6th. She also gave me a better time line, and said we should have our dossier back from the ministry within a month or so and then off to Ethiopia, so hopefully our dossier is in Ethiopia by the end of November which could mean a referral as early as March/09, that would be amazing. Earing this news made me tear up.... I know it doesn't take me much, but to know that we may have Kaysen with us a few months earlier than predicted is a great feeling. I have been so excited since our first home study visit. It's as if I feel more confident of the outcome and can now fully picture my family with Kaysen in it. I can't wait to be able to see his face and actually have a face to associate the name to.
We were at a ball tournament this past weekend and there were so many little ones running around, I kept thinking how nice it will be to have our little one running around in a few years as well. I highly doubt we will have Kaysen home by next years tournament but soon he will get to play baseball with all the little boys as well.
I have also started doing a little bit of shopping. It's hard to purchase clothes for him, since we don't know what size he will be or what season he will arrive in, I have been busy purchasing 12-24mth old sleepers and onesies, as I know he will need them and a season is not a factor. I have also purchased a few sippy cups/bowls/bibs/spoons...ect. This week I started buying baby shampoo, oils, lotions and stuff. I figure, why not buy some know, it will save me the cost then. I swear, by the time I have Kaysen home we may need a whole other room just for his stuff. I would rather be prepared now then have to buy everything next year. My parents, and sister have also be buying things here and there which I love. Gifts are great, but when they are for such a special person they are even better. I also purchased the flooring for his bedroom this weekend, as it was on sale. We will be painting the room first and then installing the laminate flooring. We chose a dark wood look. I know that carpet is more comfy to crawl around on, however with the amound of hair we have in our home, laminate will be easier to keep clean. Don't you agree?