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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meeting Laura

I'm still here in Winnipeg and so far the week has been good. But this evening it got even better as I got to meet up with Laura, a fellow blogger. She picked me up after dinner for a tea and dessert and a nice chat. It's so great to meet people I only speak to online. The fellow bloggers I have gotten to know have become a large part of this journey. They are the people we look to for support, the ones we look to for understand and alot have become great friends and although I have only spoken to Laura by email and blogging it was as if I knew her for a long time. Our common bond makes it a comfortable situation and it's something I feel with many of you. I thank you all for that comfortable feeling and thank you Laura for taking the time to meet up with me. I hope to see you again soon.

Here are some pics of our meeting. She took me to "The Forks" which is where two rivers join in Winnipeg and some of the area was still flooded from the big flood they had this spring.

We took a great picture of the two of us but my computer isn't uploading very well with this hotel internet connection so I'll have to add them when I get back home. Stay tuned.....
This is the walkway we were suppose to take a walk on, as you can see it's still flooded.

Laura and I