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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gift from my future child

Today I received my first gift that signifies my child. I purchased a red thread bracelete from this great adoption shop online. I know I purchased it, but when I opened the package today I felt that it was a sign from my future child. The company also sent me a beautiful message that will explain to you all what this bracelet means to me.

Here it is.

"As adoption is a process, a transition from here to there on the way to a "destination" know as your new family--so, too, the red thread in your bracelet represents a process and isn't permanent. it's not meant to be. Overtime, depending on your usage, the red thread will begin to fray. Don't pull the remaining thread out. Don't force the process to move faster than when it's meant to. When the time is right, the thread will slip away as quietly and gently as a baby's whisper. Know that is hasn't disappeared but has moved inward, deep inside your heart. Your physical read thread has become your invisible red thread and now connects you heart to heart to your new daughter or son. The silver chain and charm will remain as a lasting reminder of your adoption journey to parenthood."

1 comment:

Marion said...

Just found your blog.

What a great idea. Where did you get it from. My husband and I are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia too. Our dossier was just sent to Ethiopia last week. Good luck in your journey. It was exciting to see that you are from Sudbury. I was born in Sudbury and my family all live in Sudbury (except I have one brother in Espanola).

Good luck in your journey.