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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Name Change

It looks like Topher may or may not be our new sons name. Chris mentioned to me last week that he isn't stuck on that name and since I was naming him Topher because of Chris we have decided to search for a new name. We have come up with a few and I invite you all to send me some suggestions in the comment area. Let me know what you think as well. So far we have the following,

Kaysen (so far my fav.)

Please, Please, Please send us some ideas, thankfully we have a long time to choose a new one.
I'll keep you posted as to new names that become contenders....

1 comment:

Sandra Knight said...

hi just checking back on your progress, good luck with everything! Re the name game, we had a few "middle" names lined up but after hearing about the referral we mostly chose to keep their ETH names, we really liked them and you just might too! sk