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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Awaiting approval

Just wanted to let you all know that as of September 18-2008 our dossier has been in the hand of the Ministry of Child and Youth Services. It should be there for the next 8-10 wks awaiting approval from a minitry worker. Once we have that approval we move on to Ethiopia. I'll keep you posted as I get more news.


Pierrette said...

Hi Nat and Chris

Just wanted to say that I hope your process goes by fast. We can't even imagine what you both are going through. Like I always say you can't feel what anyone else feels before you have walked at least two weeks in their shoes.
That little one will be a lucky little fellow to have you has parents.

We love you both

Mom/Memere xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alicia & Grant said...

I hope that this part of the process goes really really quickly for you. With this post I just realized that you are pretty much exactly one year behind us. Our dossier went for authentication on Sept 18 (or very close to that date) last year. Since we are from BC and didn't need approval just authentication it was faster. I hope that your file hits the right desk at the right time and speeds through! and on to Ethiopia!!!


The Warren Family said...

Very exciting! Before you know it your file will be off to Ethiopia!