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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Causing issues....

So yep, here I am causing issues again to make sure all goes well. This is the "coles notes" version. Our adoption practioner told us that the Children's Aid of Sudbury was not processing our child welfare checks for both Chris and I, and she didn't know when this would happen. Well being the type of person I am, and seeing as that is the absolutely last piece of paper needed for Chris and I to send out our documents to the ministty I contacted our local MPs office and voila, within a few hours CAS was on the phone with me trying to get to the bottom of things. Well it looked like they had a mix up with my adoption practioner and she only verbally requested the checks, so she got in some kind of trouble for me contacting the MPs office. Needless to say I feel bad for getting her in trouble, but how long would I have waited had I not done anything right??? So within 24 hrs of my phone call, I have them working on the checks and will receive them within a week. Once I get those we are done for now. Our adoption practioner will then send the documents to our adoption agency, who in turn will send it to the Ministry for approval. Hopefully we will have an approval by Christmas and our documents can be off to Ethiopia by the NEW YEAR... here's hoping anyways.

I know I should have maybe let them do what they had to do, but I feel i'm waiting long enough for Kaysen to come home and every day with a delay is a day further from our baby....

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Lynn Kennedy said...

You did the right thing....I would of done the same Nat!

thanks again for sharing ;)