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Monday, October 13, 2008

6 Random facts about me.

I was tagged today by Rana to write 6 random facts about me on my blog. So here goes.

1. I am a Days of our Lives addict. I record it on a daily basis on my PVR and discuss it with my sister like it's our own life gossip. In fact, i'm watching it right now.

2. I am deadly afraid of heights and spiders. I'm good with spiders if they don't move but the second they start moving they turn into a giant monster and my heart races and I can't do anything to help myself. As for the height part, I'm lucky I can stand on my own two feet without being

3. I had plastic surgery...i'll let you all guess on that one.

4. I love all musicals, and wish I could see plays more often. If you see a commercial about a musical movie coming out you can be sure i'll be in the theatres watching it and then it will be in my DVD library.

5. Chris and I are both the babies of the family with two older siblings, how two people who were always the babies can get along so well and have good balance i'm not sure but so far its worked amazingly.

6. I am the type of person that goes 110% when I get my mind on something. Whether it be the adoption, my career, a new hobby, moving out of town, whatever it is, once i've made a decision to do something I don't look back I just do it. For example, one week Chris and I were saying we would never move back, the next week, we decided it may be a good idea, the next week our house was sold and we had bought another in our home town the next we were getting jobs back home. I just don't like to dwell on something and second guess our decisions.

I must tag others so here it is, Jaclyn, Alicia, Tammy, Sebrina.

Have fun.


Rana said...

Hey Natalie:

It is nice to know you a little better :)

I love musicals too - Yvan, however, does not!

Ya, the wait has been hard- there are days when I feel like I will go out of my mind. I take my strength from Ricki, Rhonda, Arnica etc. and I think if they can make it so can I.

You will have good days and bad days but in the end it will all be worth while!!! We'll be mommas!

Barb said...

I love Days as well! I'm watching right now! I've watched since I was 12 years old I sad is that??