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Friday, October 17, 2008

Kaysen bedding set

My parents bought me the bedding and all accessories for Kaysen's nursery. Our theme is a baseball theme, we are both baseball fans and figured this is the only chance we may get to decorate his room with baseball as we can't guarantee he'll like sports later on, who knows what he'll be into when he gets bigger, he may prefer science or music or sponge bob...right? Anyways, here are some pictures. Thank you Mom and Dad Chris and I both love it. His quilt style bedding
The Hamper
Decortive wall hangings

We also have a valance, wall paper border, and a baseball mobile. We also bought some new flooring and a closet organizer for his closet. He will have the nicest room in the house. I can't wait to get started.


Tammy said...

I love it! Adorable! How thoughtful of your parents!


Chantal Andreas said...

Very nice...I have no clue what to get for "boy stuff", having three girls and then adding a boy may be a little challenging!!!

Ricki said...

That bedding set is adorable! So fun and boyish!