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Friday, October 3, 2008

What a great day.

I woke up this morning nice and early and went to town to meet my mom and sister for breakfast. We then went and did some shopping. Mom has to leave as she was headed to camp with my dad so Ren and I kept shopping. We took our time at Costco and looked at everything, something Chris hates to do when he's with me, we then went to Starbucks, sat by the fireplace (no fire) and enjoyed a coffee. I then came home, had an early dinner, took a nap and went out for a walk with the dogs. Fall is my favorite time of year and walking the dogs in this weather is the best. They got new toys today so it was fun to see them fighting to play with them. Unfortunately, this women came to the park and chose to walk directly towards us with her little dog which then made us leave. I just don't get it, this field is extra, extra, extra large and there is plenty of room for everyone, so why did she have to walk near us and get the dogs all excited and place us all in a situation where one dog can get hurt (sorry just ranting as it's the one thing that upset me today). Ok, back to my great day, we then came home relaxed on the sofa, watched tv and now i'm catching up on episodes of Days of our Lives. I'm off this weekend as well which is making it even better.

The one thing I love about being back home is being able to spend time with my mom and sister, we have such a good time together. My sister has been working most of this year and she has been missed, she now has a job that allows her to still have the freedom to hang out with us. I'm so happy she is back. I used to dwell on the fact that I didn't have a "best friend" to go to when I needed anything, but since i've been back home I realize that I do have a "best friend" I actually have two, my mom and my sister, they are always there for me and although, my sister and I sometimes argue, we always forgive and forget and no matter we know we are always there for each other.

Ok, I know, just going on and on and probably boring you all, but they are important and they make this journey somewhat easier.

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Renee said...

My Sweet Baby Sister...I love you with all my heart and I am very touched by your blog...I feel that by reading it I understand what you are going through alot better. I will always be there for you and am glad that we are Best Friends. I am looking forward to the day that I get to hold my little nephew for the very first time. You make me proud to have such a caring and loving Baby Sister.