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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hi all, so yesterday I broke down and emailed my adoption case worker over at Imagine to see if she had heard anything. She had not, but she decided to call the Ministry on our behalf to see where the file is. Well it's been approved and is just awaiting the Directors signatures...yahooooooooo. She said she is expecting the documents early next week, and seeing as i've sent the money she has begun the notorization process as well. She was saying that our documents are probably going to their lawyers office today. She also said everything is ready to go, so once she receives the hard copy our package will head out to Ottawa for authentication and then off to Ethiopia. She is optimistic about our file reaching it's destination by the end of the month, beginnning of next....yahoooo.

thank you all to those who have listened to me vent, and complain, I will try not to do it again for awhile, as I know the hard long wait is just begining. She told me the referral time line is approx. 7-9 months, which brings me right into the court closure but I will deal with that once I get there.

I never taught it would feel so good to write up a large cheque with nothing in return, well not yet anyways. I had butterflies watching the teller write it up and then I swear I floated all the mail to the mail. Unfortunately the dollar amount was greater than it would have been a few months ago, due to the dollar value, but I really didn't care about that at all. Feeling this good is amazing, I can't even imagine how good I/We will feel once we are officially expecting or even better when the referral and court dates come in. I can officially say that the government of Canada/Ontario gave me the approval to be a

Thanks again to you all.


Rana said...

Fantastic news!!!!!

You will be officially expecting very soon :)


Stephanie said...

YAY!!!! So will have to go out tonight to celebrate!!!

Steph :-)

Tammy said...

Again...Congratulations on completing this step towards an amazing treasure! Hope you take time out to celebrate!


Craig and Jaclyn said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That was such a relief for us to get that call...finally you can feel that you can actually get REALLY excited abotu this...becuase now you are 'allowed' enjoy...with yet some more chocolate cake! :):)

Rhonda and Kristin said...

YAY!! Nearly in Ethiopia!!!!