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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Authentication Check

I received an email from Imagine Adoption today, and our dossier has now returned from Ottawa and has been Authenticated. She said it would be leaving for Ethiopia by the end of the week, so i'm guessing i'll officially be expecting by next weekend.


Alysia and Derrick said...

Wow! Super news! So how long did that take? Less than two weeks right? Since ours just got there I'm hoping it will be a similar time frame to yours. You must be very excited that it's almost on its last journey!

Anonymous said...

That is super exciting news!! How long was your file in Ottawa? Ours is there now, so of course I am obsessed with timelines!

Secret Pal

Tammy said...

This is awesome news! I'm sorry I haven't commented on this post...somehow I completely missed it!

Waiting to celebrate at the end of the week when I read your post saying it has arrived and you are officially expecting. Get that t-shirt ready! Can't wait!