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Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Shopping


Today my mom and sister and I got together to finish most of our Christmas shopping. We had such a great day, laughing, joking and even a few tears. I know I've mentioned it in my blog before but they are so special to me and moments like these are moments I will forever treasure. We go shopping often but it's so nice to go together, even if most of our shopping was already done. Just allowing us to have "Girl friend" time together, where we can all just be ourselves and discuss what is on our minds. I love my time with them, moments like these were truly missed when I lived out of town and maybe it's because I've grown more mature in the last few years or maybe just because I was away for so long, but I now realize that moments like these are so special that I NEVER EVER want to leave them again.

After shopping we got together at my sisters for dinner as this evening was our Christmas for Evan, my niece Jessyka's boyfriend. Evan has been home for 3 weeks now and is leaving again on Thursday to go back to active duty in Afghanistan, so my sister decided to make his Christmas now as he won't be home for Christmas. It was a great evening. We are all so proud of him and what he is doing our there, not only for our country but mostly for strangers that he has never met and never will. His acts of unselfishness are something we can all aspire to do in our lives. We all wish him a safe return trip, and look forward to having him home for good in April.Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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