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Thursday, June 25, 2009

7 Months....

Wow, 7 months, I remember being at 1 week and wishing I was at 6-7 months and here I am. When I started waiting I was suppose to be getting a referral around 8-9 months but now it looks like it will be closer to 12 months before we get a referral, so 7 months is only an another month, although it's another month come and gone it's still only another month. I'm still in a great place with the adoption but find myself struggling when I'm with my new nephew Owen. I love him like crazy but he brings up alot of emotions that I thought I had over come. He will help me get stronger as the months go by and I just have to keep telling my self that my time will come.... some day.
Here are a few pics from my last visit.
Baby Owen sleeping.

Matante Nat and Baby Owen resting.

Here I am with Maddux, relaxing on a great summer deck


K_I_T_ said...

I know what you mean. I have 2 sister in laws who are due with babes, and the one already has 3 kids, and she is.....3 years younger than myself. Mostly I know I have dealt with it, but some times and odd feeling of "something" gets stirred up. Especially with 2 baby announcments in one week!

Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

Hey, 7 months is a big accomplishment, good for you for staying so +++! Congrats on your little nephew!

Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

Happy 7 months! Good for you you are staying so +++, congrats on your nephew!

Alysia and Derrick said...

Congrats to you both! We're getting closer! I'm glad you're still doing well and feeling peaceful overall. I'm doing well too, but I know what you mean about being around a baby and the feelings coming back. I love being with friends' babies, but at the same time I have such a longing for my own. But our time WILL come!
Take care!

Rana and Yvan said...

You made 7 months....fantastic!

It is hard when you spend time with wee ones isn't it...the picture of you and Owen is a beautiful will be an amazing momma!

I am glad to see Maddux recovering so well :)


Stephanie said...

Love the pic of you and Owen resting!! It is sooo peaceful!

7 months down...only a few more to can do it!

Steph ;-)

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Cheers to 7! Just a little longer...