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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Traditions

What would Christmas be without, Christmas traditions. Although it was just my mom and I today we made our yearly Christmas donuts which will be sending off to my sister in BC. It wasn't the same without other family members around, there was only a little bit of singing and laughing but at least we kept the tradition going. Funny thing is, my mom nor I eat the donuts, we just make them for others.
We decorated the tree last week and having combined all my "special ornaments" and my mom's "special ornaments" we really didn't need many more ornaments. Our tree is so beautiful this year filled with special memories from everyone. Only a few tears fell both days, pretty good I think.
It's hard not having my sister and her family around during the holiday season, however we will be with my brother and his family celebrating my nephew's first Christmas so it will be a special Christmas for us all.
I haven't been writing much lately as there are lots of things going on at this end....sorry can't say anything just yet...and no i'm not pregnant...but I am here and keeping up with everyone elses blog. I wish everyone who are waiting for court dates that they get them before Christmas. It would make things so much better for you all.
I don't have much to report on the adoption front. My whole way of thinking has changed since the bankruptcy, and although I think of Kaysen all the time I have made a decision to no longer place our life on hold waiting for him. It has been on hold for years now and it's been too much. We will live our lives as we should with the family we have and once our little blessing arrives our lives will be in a much better place.

Well i'm off to have a scary movie night with my dad. Good night to all.


Stephanie said...

I LOVE donuts so you could send some my way!!! Problem is they'd be stale by the time they got here....oh well just as well....I need to lose a few so I guess it's better that you're there and I'm here!!

Give me a call so we can have a pre-Christmas chat!!

Steph :-)

Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

Glad you're having a great time with your parents!

Hi ~ said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to keep putting your life on hold in a waiting some point, it's emotionally better to just go on with life and know what someday that little miracle is going to make life just that much better!



Sarah said...

Mmmmmm, donuts! I'd love to taste test one of those.... :)

alicia said...

Hey Natalie,

Totally know about the life on hold thing too. We are also moving forward now and trying to be happy and content with the way things are now.
But I am sure when the day does come and we get a referral I will be a crazy mess again. lol