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Thursday, March 25, 2010


I officially booked our tickets today. Jake and Maddux fly out on April 22nd, Ziggy and I on the 26th. The airline only allows two animals per plane so Jake and Maddux will go first and I will bring Ziggy with me when I go. I'm sick to my stomach thinking of them all sitting in a dark plane cargo for hours but if not they would be stuck in my small Civic for a 4 day drive, which would be more like 6 with the dogs. I've been reassured by many that they will be okay but it makes me very nervous.

I can't wait to see Chris and move into our new home. It is so exciting to think we are begining a new life in a new town and new province. This is something I would have never seen coming.

It feels official now and it's a good feeling. This weekend I start packing , not sure where to begin but it should be a productive few days.


Stephanie said...

You must be soooo excited!!! Can you send me some pics of your new digs?

Wish I lived closer....I would come and help you pack! Would be a good distraction for me!

Steph :-)

Ricki said...

I don't blame you for being nervous about your poochies on the plane. I would be too!
Can't wait to hear about the new place!

boltupright said...

I airshipped my beloved dog once and I was paranoid as all get out but she was just fine. They really do load them last and take them off first, so it's just the actual flight time. And just imagine the greetings you will get when you pick them up at cargo!

Alysia and Derrick said...

Wow, a new adventure begins! You will only be a couple of hours from us. I sure hope we get to meet up someday!
Happy packing!

Tammy said...

Good luck with the move! Looks like we'll meet sometime this summer! Not sure when I'm heading to B.C. but will definitely get there at some point.

See you soon!

Ranavan said...

Woohoo!! I can't wait to read your first post from your new home.

Safe travels for you and all the puppies :)

lyndsey&kevin said...

Good luck packing!! Not my favorite job... but exciting to me on a new path!!! I am so glad the house finally sold. Things are starting to come together for you guys!!!!