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Monday, March 1, 2010

There is no me without you

The day after Chris got home we went to our mail box and to my surprise my wonderful husband had sent me a gift. I mentioned to him the week before that I wanted to finally read the book " There is no me without you" and there it was for my enjoyment.

I have heard many good things about this book and look forward to having my own review. It's a large book so it will probably take me awhile as I tend to only read before bed, but I look forward to enjoying it.

Thank you for being so thoughtful babe, this will help with the next few months away from you.


Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said...

It IS so wonderful. And, though it usually takes me quite awhile to make it through books, this one took me just over a week. I couldn't put it down.
Enjoy!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Sarah said...

It was reaaaaaally good. Hmmm, might have to read that one again actually. :)

Hi... said...

I've heard this is a really good book, too, and own it. But I haven't read it yet. I figure I'll wait until I get my referral and then read it (and a bunch of others on adoption and attachment parenting topics). I'm hoping that it'll keep things fresher in my memory.

I'll look forward to hearing what you think of the book!


The Hattons... said...

It really is wonderful. You will love it and it may not take you as long as you think!

Sharla said...

My husband and I both read it (it is the book that helped us make the decision to adopt siblings instead of just one) and the chapters he loved (the politics, the history, the financial stuff) were near torture for me to get through and he was not as big a fan of the chapters I loved (the stories, the people) but it made for a great book that we could both really enjoy and get a lot out of.

Very sweet of your hubby.

Connie said...

It is an AMAZING book! It ususally takes me forever to get through a book... but this one was different. I couldn't put it down, I guess because there's such a deep connection for me. And I cried through many parts. I've gotten my family members to read it too and they were very moved by it. I made notes throughout my book with the places we've seen and people we've met in the book, so when my family read it, it meant more to them too. It's one book I wish everyone would read so they could really grasp what it's like in Ethiopia.