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Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

I wanted to wish my father a wonderful birthday today. On this day I would also like to thank you for being my dad. The lessons in life I learnt from you have been something I cherish on a daily basis. Your love and support is always reassuring. Your strenght has lifted me up many times in my life, I thank god everyday that you are my father. I hope you enjoy this year more than the last year and that everyday brings you new adventures.
I love you very much. xoxox

1 comment:

Lj said...

Aw - what would we do w/o our Dads!?

Thinking of you facing your looooooong trip to be united w/ your hubby too! Wishiing you all the best on your voyage. Call me when you pass through Winnipeg if you need a coffee stop!! :o)