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Friday, July 9, 2010

Before and After

This is the size of clothes I have been buying for the last 2 years (12-24 mths)

this is an 18mth sleeper

and THIS is what I get to buy now....i couldn't resist yesterday..... 3 mths

it's half the size....SO CUTE.

Chris' facial expression was priceless when I showed it to him, I think his stress meter just went up a few :)

and the fun begins.....I PROMISE TO HAVE CONTROL THIS TIME....maybe if I keep telling myself that I will.


Sarah said...

I'm ready for my first guess...

is it...


Tammy said...

Boy can I relate! I had to laugh when I read your post listing/showing all the things you had bought over the years. I did the very same thing. Be careful with clothing b/c of the seasons...he may not fit into anything when he does come along. I learned that lesson the hard way, lol. But of course it is impossible to resist, isn't it? Retail therapy at its best. Trust me I understand. :)

We have a swing, exersaucer, baby bjorn and bouncy chair that we are no longer in need of. If you want them they're yours. Just say the word and we'll get them to you someday, lol.

Have a super weekend!

BCMommy said...

I showed my hubby your 'catalogued' items and photos, as he freaked on me for having one teensy outfit put away. it was actually one I bought for our god-daughter 2 years ago and subsequently misplaced. I found it a few months back and decided to put it in my secret area in my closet, where I also have some dolls hiding :)

I have restrained myself and not bought anything since the bankruptcy, as hubby feels like it is jinxing it if I buy. However, I went to the US of A and got THE CUTEST dress and outfit. I'll post the pics later. Adorable!

Keep shopping, dude. Retail therapy is the best kind!!!

Patricia and the gang said...

Too funny about the clothes. I actually feel hard done by because I've been given so many clothes that it would be nuts for me to buy any. VERY HARD TO RESIST.
Congrats on your move BC, sounds exciting though. I'd love to get caught up.

How did you end up in BC?? How did you hear about this adoption program?? You're hair looks great, by the way!

Talk soon,