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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Change is good....job front

When we moved here Chris and I decided that I wouldn't start looking for full time work until Sept of this year and enjoy my time off this summer. Well being the type of person I am, I started looking, not actively, but here and there. Well about a month ago I went for an interview and will be starting a new job in "document control" for a company that makes mobile construction site trailers among other things, not to sure about it all just yet. I'm not to sure what my position will consist of as it's a new department for the company but i'm looking forward to getting back out there....that's what I say now. The way I look at it is that every extra penny I can make, can go towards our little man and trust me we need every penny as i've mentioned in previous posts.
I really enjoyed my time at home, it was great to be off all the time but now back to reality. I haven't worked a Mon-Fri job in almost 6 years as i've been self employed so that will be something else to get used to but i'm also looking forward to not having a pile of work waiting for me everytime I walk in the door.
As my new moto says "Change is good!!!"


Tammy said...

Good luck tomorrow! Will be thinking about you. :)

lyndsey&kevin said...

I am jealouos, I REALLY want a new job... I have been a PHN for 2 years now and I am BORED and i don't respect my supervisor... I hate it. It is time for change I just can't decide what????

Good luck on your new adventure!