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Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's that time again...

The time that I slowly start to sneak some Christmas items out of storage and place them around the house to add some festive spirit, and by slowly I mean 6 bins and 4 boxes. Come on...all who know me, know I can't just do it slowly it's all or nothing. This is actually the first year in many that I won't do all my decorating at once. Tonight I had to create a garland (small craft project) so I only had time for a few items to come out and i've chosen to wait a week or two for the tree to go up (another 3 bins full). Seeing as Chris is on graveyard I hope to be able to have most of the decorating done by tomorrow night and then that feeling will start to take over.
You all know that feeling...that feeling of joy, love, family and happiness.

Decorating my home is a long process every year but is always worth every minute and it brings life to my home. I hope you all take the time to enjoy decorating as it's not a chore, it's done for the love of the season and for that FEELING!!

Pics of the inside to follow.

Last weekend, we installed our outdoor lights and really enjoyed our time together. It was the first time since Chris and I have been together that we installed the lights together. He usually installs them for me and I take care of the inside, but we enjoyed our time together so much that I think from this year on we will always install them together. We enjoyed it so much we did it twice! Well we didn't do it twice because of the joy but we did do it twice because we found larger lights in our storage and had to make it right. Being the corner lot we had to decorate the front and the side of the house and with extra lights left over....Chris decided...why not do the truck.
Here are pics for you to enjoy.

Front of the house (we can't reach the top so I did the windows instead)

Side fo the house

Have have 3 of these little guys going up the driveway...a gift from my husband.

Back of the house deck and the fence

and here is the truck...We may be hicks but we are proud ones!


Kendra said...

Looks great. I have the inside of my house totally decorated now - it's never too early!

Joy and Geoff said...

Looks great! We did our outdoor lights today, too...and I have the indoor well underway :)

boltupright said...

you are killing me with the truck... I was once in Texas at Christmastime and I could not BELIEVE the number of vehicles decked out with lights, wreaths, garland on the roof rack... hilarious.