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Friday, July 11, 2008

News from Ethiopia

We received great news from Ethiopia this weeks. Looks like the adoption Agency we are using has opened up a new 6500 sqft, home for babies only and they have purchase 40 cribs. So what does this mean to all of you.... well it means that there is now a home dedicated to babies only, meaning that the turn around in this home should be faster as babies are a higher demand, therefor as babies come and go more babies will arrive. We are all hoping this will make the referral process shorter. I guess only time will tell.

We have most everything we needed now. The only thing missing is our employment letters, which are on the way. I went and visited my lawyer this week to have 8 documents notorized, our letter to the Ministry of Women's Affairs in Ethiopia has been written and the photo album we must send them with pics of us and our families is almost complete. Now we just have to do the PRIDE training and then complete the home study and our work will be done and the waiting begins.

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