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Sunday, August 10, 2008


I found this song on another adoptive family's blog and had to add it to mine as it truly explains what I feel inside and look forward to have the same happy ending.

Enjoy...a few tears never hurt anyone.


Sarah said...

Hey- I stole this first! LOL! I found this one one of my friends sites and was so moved by it that I had to have it as well. So I completely understand the tears. But soon you will see the face of your son appear on your computer screen. Everyone told me all the waiting and junk we went through would disappear- and they were right- it did! It feels like the twins have always been here and that our home has always been full =)

Lynn Kennedy said...

what a great song...

Alicia & Grant said...

WOW! The line "I love you Mom" is what started me crying. Sofia started calling me Muma 2 weeks ago and it still makes my heart soar when she says it. I can't wait until she can say "I love you Muma"

I will admit something to you though. I love my little girl, she became 'ours' the minute we held her. But I still yearn to be pregnant... Stronger now that I'm a mother than before. I just want to feel a life growing inside of me, I just want my body to do what it's supposed to do.

That song told our story ... Trying for 4 years. All the test come back, nothing is wrong. He thinks it's his fault. She thinks it's her fault.
Truth is no ones to blame, we are just that 1 in 10. But we'll never have to waste money on birth control again. I keep joking that with our luck I will get pregnant when I'm 40 and it will be triplets!

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